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Currently there are no visitor services at Truxton.

Exciting news: The Frontier Motel and Café were recently been purchased by a Route 66 enthusiast. Plans are under way to restore the property, so check back often for updates!

Truxton Fronteir MotelYou will find what’s left of Truxton sitting on the edge of Route 66 encircled by scenic high desert terrain. The roots of this small community stretch back to the Beale Wagon Trail Expedition. Lieutenant “Ned” Beale stopped at the spring here in 1857 and named it Truxton in honor of either his brother Truxton or his mother, Emily Truxton Beale. Years later, in 1883, the railroad followed with a water stop for its engines that became known as Truxton Station.

Truxton CafeAround 1950, plans were underway to build a new dam in the lower Colorado River, with the junction near Truxton. In anticipation of the traffic, Donald Dilts opened the Truxton Cafe and Clyde McCune built a service station across the street. This was the official beginning of the town of Truxton. However, plans for the dam were abandoned and the town maintained itself from travelers passing through on Route 66.

In 1957, the Truxton Cafe and adjacent Motel were purchased by Ray and Mildred Barker. The Cafe became a favorite stopping place for regular travelers of this section of Route 66 offering some of the best food (and homemade pie) to be found on the Route. The Barkers were founding members of the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona. They were instrumental in seeing that Route 66 was put back on the map, and are both deeply missed.

Local Contact
Frontier Motel
16118 E. HWY 66
Truxton, Arizona 86434
(928) 769-1206

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Route 66 News: Caretakers to Frontier Motel announced
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