Community: Cool Springs

Visitor Service, but no fuel or lodging available

All but Forgotten!

Cool Springs 1For nearly 40 years Cool Springs Camp was all but a forgotten memory. All that remained of the once thriving establishment was a crumbling stone foundation along a lonely remaining stretch of Route 66. In its heyday, Cool Springs was a beacon of light offering cabins, home cooked meals, and most importantly fresh water and gasoline as travelers faced the challenges of 100+ desert temperatures and the climb through Black Mountain.

Cool Springs 2In 1997 Ned Leuchtner passed Cool Springs and fell in love with the beauty, history and majesty of the areas and the Cool Springs ruins, and set out to buy the property. .It took four years for the property owner to sell to Ned, but in 2001 the doors opened to the rebirth of the special place. It took 39 years to have the lights beaming once again from the property.

Today Cool Springs, located about 20 miles west of Kingman on the Oatman Highway (Route 66) just before the road climbs into the Black Mountains up to Sitgreaves Pass, is still a work in progress, but so worth the stop. Cool Springs, and the beauty around it, makes it a perfect place to stretch your legs, enjoy a snack, tour the Route 66 museum, and browse the expansive gift shop. The vistas along this stretch of Route 66 are one of the most unique to be found anywhere!

Local Contact
Historic Cool Springs Camp
8275 W. Oatman Road
Kingman, AZ 86413
1-928-ROUTE 66
Closed Easter, Christmas, and New Year’s Day

Sitgreaves PassElevation: 3556 ft.
Sitgreaves Pass is known for its steep grades, narrow sections, and sharp turns. Vehicles over 40' are prohibited. Take is slow, and enjoy the spectacular views. It will be a highlight of your Route 66 journey!Watch Driving Sitegreaves Pass
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